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The all-Russia open Tomiki Aikido competition "Spring 2009" has been held

The spring competition, which has already become traditional, has taken its place on May 17 in Moscow. We are happy that the atmosphere at the competition was very friendly and any serious injuries were avoided. More then 200 sportsmen from different parts of Russia have participated in the event.

The competition was held in different categories:

  • Tanto randori for minors;
  • Open Kata (freestyle techniques) for minors and eniors;
  • Kihon Waza (17 base techniques) for minors and seniors;
  • Koru Dai San for seniors;
  • Individual Tanto randori for men;
  • Individual Tanto randori for women.

You can read some detailed information about the results of the competition here (russian).

{ 17 may 2009 }