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News from the field (European Championship 2008)

Congratulate us, we success!

From September 27 to 28, the 1st European Tomiki (competitive) Aikido Championship was held in České Budějovice. Our team of 6 people and 4 fans has taken part in the competition. The performance of our team has brought many wins. Among them are:

  • Kihon Waza, non dans: Tkacheva Elena, Tihonov Vadim - 2nd place (silver).
  • Tanto Randori, women teams, England-Russia-Belgium team: Tkacheva Elena - 2nd place (silver).
  • Tanto Randori, men teams, England-Russia-Belgium team: Hodotaev Alexei and Tihonov Vadim - 3rd place (bronze).
  • Tanto Randori, men teams, Georgia-Russia team: Solonicin Ilia - 2nd place (silver).
  • Mix: Tihonov Vadim - 3rd place (bronze).
  • Mix: Karashevskiy Alexei - 1st place (gold).

The honorary medal from the Russian tream to its best member was given to Tkacheva Elena.

The referees from the Russian side were Alexei Karashevskiy and Solonicin Ilia. The fact that they were the referees at this Championship gives them the rank of International Referees.

{ 29 sep 2009 }