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We are back from Japan!

As we told you before, our team had taken part in the 8th Competitive Aikido International Championships, which was held between September, 20 and 23 in Kyoto, Japan. Our team performed very well!

Even though, we didn't win any medals, due to the high competition, our team looked very deserving on the international arena. For most members of our team this championship was the first of such standard, and their main aim was to get the experience of performing and to obtain an adequate estimation of his level. This aim is achieved for sure! 

We would like to point out the fact that the championship featured Alexei Karashevskiy as the referee, presented from the Russian side.

Besides the championship, we were trained in the leading dojos of Japan and exchanged our skills and experiences with aikidoks of tomiki style from different parts of the world. Before the championship, we had taken part in the seminars from the leading masters of competitive aikido. These seminars presented us with both practical aspects of different techniques, and theoretical fundamentals of different action methods in kata and randori.   

The competition was all in the friendly atmosphere, which supported our communication with many interesting people. We have met new friends from all over the world. 

Off course, not only competitions have retained in our memories. The weather in Japan was fabulous, we enjoyed local nature, culture, food, museums, temples, sea bathing, and many other pleasures of Kyoto!

See the pics from our trip to Japan soon.

{ 05 oct 2009 }